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After heavy training and exercise, our bodies may experience pain, especially in the muscles. Most of the time, we use pain medications to relieve us of that pain. But as we all know, modern medicines contain chemical agents that will damage the liver if used in large quantities. For this reason, we need a device that can help us in muscle recovery and that does not have negative side effects on our bodies. Such a device is the hyperice vyper 3 speed vibrating foam roller.

This vibrating fitness roller is perfect for assisting your muscles to recover from an injury or training. The Pulseroll as it is known assist recovery, therefore, resulting in quicker muscle gains and faster repair times. What makes this roller great is that you not only get to enjoy quick muscle recovery, but you also get a free massage.

So, what are the other things that this roller is great for? Well, the answer is a lot. In a nutshell, this roller is ideal for physiotherapy, it will help you relax, improve your core, and is great for your general fitness.

For physiotherapy, the Pulseroll will increase your muscle tissue's flexibility and also aid in its repair. Therefore, if you run a physiotherapy practice, or you regularly engage in vigorous training exercises, getting this vibrating fitness roller will do you a lot of good.

Now if you are asking yourself how this roller will help you relax, then here is the answer. As earlier mentioned, this roller can massage you. When tuned to the low setting, this roller will vibrate in a manner that is relaxing to your muscles, therefore, helping in releasing all tension.

The Pulseroll's vibrations are not for physiotherapy and for relaxing alone, but they can also help in your general fitness. When its settings are set to level 4, its vibrations will help tone up your muscles, something that you will notice after a short period of usage.

This roller has a hard wearing ECO-friendly exterior, is used and endorsed by professional athletes, has a battery life of 3 hours, and is ultra-light weighing only 1 kilogram. Therefore, make sure you get yourself this vibrating fitness roller.

It was April 24th, a clear and beautiful night, and I was traveling to Kannapolis, North Carolina from my home in Virginia. My destination was the 2004 Metrolina bodybuilding show hosted by Roger Morrison (www.morrisonproductions.net) where I was going to see one of the competitors there I had helped in her pre-contest diet.

The show was going real well. The crowd was hyped-up by the fantastic shape of the competitors. Lighting, sound and organization of the show seemed to be running the smoothest I had ever seen. About halfway through the show I was getting tired, not from the show, but from the countless hours I had been putting into training clients, writing articles/training manuals, and training myself.

Then the super-heavyweight guest poser came onto the stage and BAM!, he electrified the whole scene with his size, symmetry, proportion, and perfect guest posing routine. In my over eight years on the scene of bodybuilding and fitness I have never once seen a young competitor with such potential for greatness.

This future pro was Joe Barker! As soon as his awesome guest posing routine was finished I went to speak with him about doing some training articles with him and to spread word about this new bodybuilding phenomenon! I will make sure to keep the bodybuilding world well informed and up-to-date on Joe Barker's future victories!
Article taken from bodybuilding.com

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